From granite to limestone

Sorry for the long silence here, things got very busy as I was finishing up packing and moving. I’ve been in Switzerland for almost a month now and I’m still adjusting! But all our things arrived, my residence permit came through and I’m starting to find my way.

From the Granite State I’ve moved to a region of limestone, the Jura mountains that border on France. Exchanging one mountain range for another, but the look and feel is quite different.

And there are the many benefits of life in this very civilized country, such as multiple marked walking paths from our front door along with a train system (also at our doorstep) that can take us to a number of European capitals in a matter of hours.

Last weekend we attended a medieval festival in a real medieval town! That’s something we couldn’t do in New Hampshire, lovely though it is there.

I look forward to sharing more pictures and more adventures with you! Here are a few more from Les Medievales in St-Ursanne.

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    1. That was in the chapel of St Ursanne. I was sitting next to this pillar during a church service and utterly unable to see anything that was happening at the front of the church, but the painting and I became well acquainted.

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