Do you bujo?

A couple of months ago, I read an article in the Coop magazine about bullet journaling. I’d heard of this organizational method but never tried it, thinking it seemed fussy and unnecessary.

The article painted it in such glowing terms, though, and I knew I needed to better organize my scattered life, so I thought I’d try it. I found an inexpensive dot journal and bought some colored pens (not essential but I needed some extra zing to get me going).

As you know if you use the method it’s based on making symbols for your to do lists and organizing them by months and days, sometimes weeks as well.

There are optional modular additions you can make such as adding “habit trackers,” lists of plans or wishes, and so on.

I like the method and I do feel a bit more organized but it has not so far worked magic in my life. I also like the pretty designs some bujo users come up with but I keep mine simple. I don’t have time to decorate or do fancy writing at the moment.

I read the introduction to Ryder Carroll’s book and found it really interesting that he came up with this method because he had such a hard time in school and in life. He was not out to become a phenomenon or make money, just trying to cope and meet his own needs where nobody else did. What a great story!

I’m still trying to figure out my needs and how to meet them It’s good to know that there is no wrong way to bujo and whatever works for you is fine.

What solutions have you found to the crazy business of life?

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  1. I kept a bullet journal for a while and it was indeed helpful, but I wasn’t good at keeping it up. I now have everything major on my Google calendar, so I can see it on my phone and everywhere else. I put a lot of reminders in, so that I remember to go run the errands. And I have a chore app that reminds me what chores to do, which is not very necessary for the super-basics like cleaning the bathroom, but very necessary for everything else. Also, if I have a list TELLING me to do the basics like clean the bathroom, I’m more likely to get it done!

    I would kind of rather have a paper-based system. I don’t love that my life is now connected to my phone. OTOH, I didn’t do well at having a paper-based system….

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    1. I do better with paper, it helps me to have “muscle memory” as well as the intellectual memory. But every one is different!

      Like everything else the journaling works only if you actually use it … if you make lists and then never look at them again it’s not helpful.


  2. Ha! How timely, Lory. I have been bujoing for 2 years and just this month I stopped and went back to a regular pre-printed planner. At first it seemed like such a great way of individualizing my specific life. But as the months went on I found that in order to put the effort in it was getting too complicated to plan and track everything for a month. I felt like instead of simplifying things bujoing complicated it. In its favor, though, there are things I liked about it, so I looked for a planner that would incorporate those elements.

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    1. Some people put SO much effort into it, I am amazed! I keep mine super simple and that is the only way I can manage. If it helped you clarify what you want in a pre-printed planner, that is all to the good.

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      1. Um…edited to add: I really miss the concept of the Future Log and the Monthly Log and there is no place to do this in the planner I have. So…..I went out today and got a blank notebook to start bujoing again. Having stepped back a little, I think I now understand why I made it so complicated and how to not do that again 🙂

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  3. I don’t bujo exactly, but a couple years ago I developed my own methods of daily journaling/task tracking to help me focus and balance priorities. I also use a couple of apps for daily tasks and habits. I think if I was bujoing I would also have to keep it simpler than some of the designs I see on Twitter/Instagram. I would get distracted from my real tasks if I tried anything too well-designed…

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