Language Lessons

You can book online lessons with me on coLanguage, where I’m a verified teacher. You can start out with a free trial lesson, with no cost or obligation. I also teach in-person from my home in Villeret, Switzerland. You can use the contact form below to book a trial lesson or ask for more information.

Every student is different, but here is a sample of what a one-hour online lesson with me could look like:

(Before the lesson: reading assignment completed, writing assignment shared via Google docs)

Lesson time:
:00 – :15 Student gives response to this week’s reading. Discussion of content questions and language questions, as a basis for conversation practice.

:15 – :30 Teaching of a language focus based on needs identified in last week’s assignments (grammar, vocabulary, discourse etc.)

:30 – :45 Practice of skills from language focus

:45 – :55 Setting of next week’s assignments

:55 – 1:00 Final questions and goodbye

Sound interesting? I hope to hear from you!