Spiritual Direction

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As I enter my second year of training as a spiritual director, I will begin working with directees on a volunteer basis. If you would be interested to join me in this adventure, please contact me.

Spiritual direction is a form of spiritual companionship or mentoring, by which one person commits to holding a listening and reflective space that can help another to prayerfully discern his or her path. The process is guided by the Spirit, and both participants benefit from this opportunity for deep encounter with its healing, enlivening influence.

My role as Spiritual Director is to be attentive to your process, helping you to pause, notice, listen to, and celebrate the movement of the Spirit within and around you. When things become dark or confusing, a companion who maintains an attitude of patience and hope can help you to keep going and not give up. When the fruits of such labor become evident, having someone else to share that joy with is confirming and strengthening.

Hiking in the Alps

As a Directee, your role is to be willing to enter into such a vulnerable, yet protected space, to become ripe for transformation in accordance with Divine guidance for your own life journey.

My practice is rooted in the Christian tradition, although I welcome conversation with fellow pilgrims of many faith traditions, as well as those with questions about the very nature of faith and spiritual belief.

I do not believe in excluding seekers from conversation for reasons of difference, including different choices regarding gender and sexual orientation. While honoring diversity, I look for what unites us.

What do you think, Sherlock?

If you’d like to arrange an initial conversation, please get in touch!

Lory’s educational qualifications

  • Global Online Benedictine Spiritual Direction Program, Benet Hill Monastery, 2024 (pending)
  • Distance Learning Program, North American Christian Community Seminary, 2021
  • Cambridge English Language certificate in teaching English to adults, 2020
  • Cornerstone Courses, Alcyon Center, 2016-2018
  • Diploma in Eurythmy, Eurythmy Spring Valley, 2002
  • Benedictine Living Experience, St Benedict’s Monastery in St Joseph, Minnesota, 1998
  • Orientation Year Certificate, Sunbridge College, 1997
  • Part-Time Foundation Year in Arts and Anthroposophy, Sound Circle Center, 1996
  • M.Ed. in Education, Smith College, 1992
  • B.A. in English, Carleton College, 1991

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