Just like me

In a video course about mindfulness meditation that I've been watching, there is a segment that discusses the importance of compassion, even and especially toward those for whom we feel antipathy, aversion, and even enmity. The simple practice is suggested of saying to oneself, when inconvenienced or annoyed by someone: "Just like me." That lady … Continue reading Just like me

Do you bujo?

A couple of months ago, I read an article in the Coop magazine about bullet journaling. I'd heard of this organizational method but never tried it, thinking it seemed fussy and unnecessary. The article painted it in such glowing terms, though, and I knew I needed to better organize my scattered life, so I thought … Continue reading Do you bujo?

Baking day

Here's an essay that was originally published in LILIPOH. It's also included in a new edition of my little book Simply Sourdough, which is now being printed and sold by the Waldorf Early Chidhood Association of North America. I've turned over all the profits to WECAN in appreciation of their important work on behalf of … Continue reading Baking day