Recent publications

A few pieces that I submitted some time ago have come out recently. I am happy to link them up here and incidentally to inform you about some fine online journals.

  • Weaving Lessons” was featured at bioStories, which posts an essay each week on Wednesdays. Check out their complete archives for a multitude of stories that “share the extraordinary in ordinary lives.”
  • Vita Poetica published “Listening to Our Pain,” thoughts inspired by the essay collection Nervous by Jen Soriano. The Winter 2024 issue also features poetry, fiction, nonfiction, visual art, an interview, and contemplative practices.
  • My poem “we cover up the roots,” was served up at Poetry Breakfast. Subscribe and every weekday morning, you can get a new poem in your blog reader or inbox.

I hope you’ll enjoy these!

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4 thoughts on “Recent publications

      1. I forgot to come back and comment, sorry! First let me say that ‘Weaving Lessons’ was beautifully told, drawing a clear parallel between the physical aspects of weaving and the patterns that we weave in relationships.

        The Soriano review was insightful, and I was struck by the notion that one’s inner life, including pain, is often manifested physically.

        Finally, the poem in a way sensitively enunciated something similar: what’s deep in the soil eventually grows up out of the ground, but the way it’s cultivated – as we would our own inner life – affects the appearance the plant offers up to the world. Interesting to see related themes appearing in each of the three pieces, so thanks for sharing!

        1. Thank you so much for your thoughts, Chris. I hadn’t noticed the related themes myself — they were all written at quite different times and circumstances so the way they appeared together was serendipity.

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