7 Ways Blogging Helped My Writing

I’m delighted to announce that my article with the above title was included in a recent issue of the Authors Publish Newsletter. Here’s how it begins:

In my mid-thirties, shortly before my son was born, I sold two essays to national magazines and thought my writing career had finally been launched. Then, postpartum depression and relationship issues struck, and while wrestling with those challenges, I didn’t write creatively for years. In my jobs in nonprofit publicity and communications, I produced advertising copy and edited others’ work, but felt as though I’d lost my own writing impulse.

A move to rural New England and a new job as houseparent for developmentally disabled adults changed that. I loved the peace and beauty of my environment and my hands-on work with people, but I was itching for some intellectual and creative stimulation. On a whim, I decided to start a book blog.

To read more, please visit the full article at Authors Publish. While you’re there, you might want to check out their listings of publication opportunities, free lectures for writers, paid courses, and other offerings. I’ve gotten a lot out of them.

I’ve also gotten a lot of out blogging, as the article should make clear. Thank you for being a part of that journey!

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8 thoughts on “7 Ways Blogging Helped My Writing

  1. Excellent piece, Lory – succinct and to the point, with the right amount of personal experience and insight to make your advice both useful and encouraging.

    1. The engagement that makes me feel as though I’m not just writing into a void is what really clinched it for me. Thanks for being there along the way!

  2. Lovely essay, Lory, with excellent advice for aspiring writers. Being one of your readers/blogging buddies has been wonderful. The benefit of online communities can’t be overstated, not to mention the added dividend of great book recommendations.

    Finally, congratulations on this recent publication. I look forward to learning more about your book-in-progress.

    1. Thanks so much, and being one of your blog buddies has likewise been wonderful! I will certainly be sharing the publication journey as it unfolds, and am so grateful for my readers.

  3. Excellent article with a lot of sound advice especially for authors who think all they have to do is just get the book published and the readership/sales will follow.

    I never realised you worked in communications/publicity. One thing we have in common beyond our love of books of course. My career was in local government then private sector but I’m now a trustee of a not for profit group and trying to use my expertise there. It’s tough when their budgets are so small….

    1. Thank you, I am glad you liked the article.

      My publicity career was probably small potatoes compared to yours — I worked for a small nonprofit and I taught myself everything I know! I did enjoy it a lot because it was an organization I believed in and could fully support. It is challenging when funds are low…

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