At Shiny New Books: The Neverending Story

I was thrilled when the Folio Society chose The Neverending Story by Michael Ende as a book to produce in celebration of their 75th anniversary. I find it a most suitable choice, because it’s a book about the power of reading and the imagination.

He picked up the book and examined it from all sides. It was bound in copper-colored silk, that shimmered when he moved it about. Leafing through the pages, he saw that the book was printed  in two colors. There seemed to be no pictures, but there were large, beautiful capital letters at the beginning of the chapters. Examining the binding more closely, he discovered two snakes on it, one light and one dark. They were biting each other’s tail, so forming an oval. And inside the oval, in strangely intricate letters, he saw the title:

The Neverending Story

In writing my review for Shiny New Books you’ll find details of this splendid edition, which aims to reproduce as closely as possible the “book-within-a-book” given above. I also discovered some fascinating things about the author and his process — check it out here!

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