Introducing the Emerald City Book Review Archive

Since I stopped posting new content at my former blog, The Emerald City Book Review, I decided to stop paying for premium themes and hosting at the expiration of my current contract. That has now taken place, so ECBR in its former incarnation is no more.

However, I wanted to keep at last some of the content alive, so I cleaned up my old posts, taking out giveaways, announcements, and other outdated stuff, and exported the pruned-down result to a new site where you can still enjoy browsing through reviews, events, challenges, discussions, and more.

The domain name now points to the new home page, from which you can do a search for whatever topic you are looking for. Old links containing https might not work, but I’m working on that (I will probably have to pay for domain mapping, so I have to decide whether that’s worthwhile).

Here’s the new site, and I hope you enjoy it:

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