Make Me Read It: Books I got for free edition

I think it’s time to do another poll where you get to tell me which book from my shelves to read next. I’ve found these posts extremely helpful in getting me to pull down those longtime shelf-standers, and have had some lovely reads as a result.

This time, I want you to choose from books that I got for free — whether from a blog giveaway or a little free library, or as a review copy I’ve shamefully neglected. Though I didn’t pay for them, that doesn’t decrease their value, nor the reason I should have for reading them. Please help give me the push to do that with at least one of them!

The True Heart by Sylvia Townsend Warner – this was thanks to A Gallimaufry and a STW reading week giveaway Warner is a wonderful writer and I love the sound of this novel, but I still have not gotten around to it.

A Year of Reading the World by Ann Morgan – And this is thanks to Emma of Words and Peace and her 10 year blogoversary giveaway. If it was one of Emma’s favorite books from her years of blogging, I’m sure it’s terrific.

The Feeling of What Happens by Antonio Damasio, Proof of Heaven by Eben Alexander, and The Intimacy Factor by Pia Mellody – these three were picked up at the free book booth I frequent when I’m in the town of Biel. All are nonfiction about psychological topics that interest me.

The World of Fairy Tales by Daniel Udo de Hayes – I worked on editing the translation of another book by this author and I offered to review this one, then I never got to it for unknown reasons. I love fairy tales and I’m sure it’s fascinating. I should really read it and finally give it a proper review!

Which would you choose? You can tell me your thoughts in the comments about more than one book, but in the poll you have to choose one. (Otherwise it gets too confusing.)

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18 thoughts on “Make Me Read It: Books I got for free edition

  1. I followed Ann’s journey of reading her way around the world on her blog at the time, and the book doesn’t necessarily repeat the exact process but discusses other things about reading in translation, what gets translated etc. I really liked it, so I voted for that.

  2. I’m hoping you’ll read The True Heart as an encouragement for me to pick up The Cat’s Cradle Bool, a title which I acquired straight after Lolly Willowes in a burst of enthusiasm . . . only to shamefully neglect it.

    I too love fairytales so that would’ve been my second choice. 🙂

  3. I’m with Chris – I would pick the Warner first and then the fairy tales. The others sound like too much work. My mother gave up fiction for lent and I asked if that includes her book group, which is reading Tom Lake (maybe it does because the copy I picked up for her at the library is still in my car).

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