Month in Review: November 2022


November brings us two of my favorite blogging events, Witch Week (see our discussion of Black Water Sister, also counting for the Support Book Bloggers Challenge) and Nonfiction November (see my Year in Nonfiction, Book Pairings, and Worldview Changers posts). These kept me busy, along with the continued Dark Is Rising Readalong (see Death by Newbery). I also reviewed the new Folio Society edition of The Tombs of Atuan for Shiny New Books.

Illustration ©2022 by David Lupton from The Tombs of Atuan

I read a number of new fiction releases, about all of which I had mixed feelings. Can someone suggest to me a must-read fiction book of 2022 that I should try to get to by the end of the year?

Here’s what I read in November, with links to my post or Goodreads review:


This month I started teaching on italki again. I have one student who really wants to learn by reading literature and we’re reading My Antonia together, which is lovely. I also heard from a former student in China who has repeatedly asked me to teach on her own platform of workshops and courses for Chinese students. I was dubious at first but it seems legit, and I agreed to teach a 7 week course on American poetry, starting in February, if the minimum of 10 students sign up. That will be an exciting new venture, if it works out!

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My son got his braces off this month, bringing a three-year ordeal to a conclusion. I thought he’d be simply thrilled, but he says he misses them! I guess one can get used to almost anything. We are not going to miss the astronomical bills though.

I wrote about my One Word journey in Connecting with people. I’ve decided not to choose another word for 2023, but I have appreciated the exercise this year. One more month to wrap this project up.

Where should I write about my own writing? I guess I’ll put it under “life” because it’s part of my life goals to write more and submit more for publication. I did a course this month from Authors Publish, sort of a NaNoWriMo support group except I wasn’t writing a novel. I worked on a nonfiction project, though, completed a draft and am working on an excerpt to send to a publisher I have in mind. I also sent out some poems and was gratified to have four of them accepted by online journals. None have been published yet, but I will let you know when they are!

What have been your milestones this month?

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18 thoughts on “Month in Review: November 2022

  1. I’m not sure I read any 2022 fiction that I would say is a must-read, but there were many books I thought were well-written and enjoyable. I’d put on that list Lucy by the Sea and Lessons in Chemistry and The Marriage Portrait.

    I do hope your class works out on the new platform.

    You’ve done well with your writing. I always say I’m going to get one book finished before I depart this earth, but, the older I get, the more I’m afraid that is not going to happen. It would probably help if I got into a regular writing schedule.

    1. I’d like to read all of those but they have long hold lists at my e-library. I think I”m not going to sweat it about reading 2022 books in 2022. 2023 (or later) will be fine.

  2. How interesting that your son misses his braces! I have been wearing Invisalign for a year, and finished up a couple months ago. I do not miss them. 🙂 However, having to wear the retainer at night feels like I’m still wearing the aligners, but that’s okay. I don’t want to lose the progress I made. 🙂

    1. I’m sure he’s going to get used to the new feeling soon. He already said it was great to be able to bite into apples again. 😀

  3. I can’t recommend any 2022 books as apart from Philip Pullman’s The Imagination Chamber (only for diehard fans of HDM, being a collection of previously published snippets) I’ve not read any titles newly appearing this year. I personally liked Alan Garner’s Treacle Walker but that appeared at the end of 2021 and may not appeal to any but admirers of Garner’s idiosyncratic style and material.

    Clearly Witch Week was also my highlight this month – thanks in large to your input! – but I also got a lot of novella-length titles under my belt and a couple of SFF works, all of which I enjoyed. Oh, and the next TDiR instalment too! Looking forward to the final wrap-up of this, though with some sense of impending loss.

    1. As I said to Deb above, my short lived impulse to read 2022 books in 2022 has fizzled. Too many other things to do. I’ve not read any Alan Garner for a long time but I might give Treacle Walker a try….

    1. Boy, I can’t keep up with all the recommendations any more. I added a few but otherwise I just enjoyed seeing all the nonfiction love.

  4. Good luck with the teaching venture, I’m interested in reading The Whalebone Theatre.

  5. I read My Antonia this year. It’s a fascinating look at prairie and small town life. She has several characters who are drawn to city life (as she was). It’s done in a way that gives dignity to both rural and urban living.

  6. I got Black Water Sister from the library but got so busy finishing some research papers have not had a chance to read it yet.

    Re 2022, I really liked Tomorrow and Tomorrow and Tomorrow but I don’t know it is requires urgent reading.

    Wishing you a Happy Holiday season!

    1. Glad to have another rec. I’m not going to push it about finishing new releases by the end of the month, I have too many other projects like finishing the Dark Is Rising readalong and Dean Street Press December. However, the books will still be there! Hope you enjoy BWS when you get around to it, I found it a page turner.

    1. I’m glad we are through this ordeal and I’m sure he’ll get used to not having them soon. Sorry yours messed up your mouth but I hope it’s OK now.

  7. My son just got his braces ON this month. I’ll have to tell him that he might even miss them when they come off. 😉 Congrats on a great reading month! Someday I want to read The Dark is Rising series. Happy reading in December!

    1. You can tell him that, though I’m not sure he’ll believe it! Someday the ordeal will end, anywa. Happy reading to you too!

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