Month in Review: October 2023


This month I managed to read not just one, but two books for the 1962 Club – though I blogged about only one of them. I also read two forthcoming releases by authors I’ve enjoyed in the past. Around the World got a nod, as did my Spiritual Memoir challenge. Plus a biography of one of my favorite authors, which naturally led to me having to read one of his books.

Definitely a good reading month! How was it for you?


My language learning and teaching activities are on hold, as I find that coping with life takes up enough of my time. I’ve also been busy with the editing process for my forthcoming book, so the English language has been more my focus. That’s been an interesting process, since it’s been a while since I received such intense feedback on my writing. Humbling, but good! I’ll share more in my newsletter, The Enchanted Circle, for those who are interested.


We went to Meiringen for a couple of days, a lovely trip I posted about here.

My son provided some new blog graphics on my request, and says he’s happy to paint more. It’s great to have an artist in the house.

Other than that, our fall vacation was spent puttering around our new apartment, and on my side, being slightly sick — just a bit under the weather. I’m starting to feel better now, fortunately.

I got out a sweater I knitted a few years ago out of my handspun wool following a pattern from The Knitting Experience: The Knit Stitch. I loved the sweater, except that the sleeves were much too wide under the arms and that made it bulky and awkward. I decided to unravel them and reknit them.

Sweater without sleeves, stitches waiting to be picked up…

Hopefully I’ll have a finished project to share next time. As a bonus, I’ll end up with leftover wool to knit something else! What’s in progress for you this month?

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15 thoughts on “Month in Review: October 2023

  1. Impressive knitting, I once knitted a multi coloured scarf for my pet lamb when I was 10 and the tried to knit a jumper when I was 20 and that was the end of my knitting forays.
    Lovely holiday pic and impressive reading list for Oct. I’m just going with the mood, delving into various Irish nonfiction and fiction, up next Poor by Katriona O’Sullivan.

    1. I knit in fits and starts. It’s been a while now … and I realize I should knit Christmas presents for my loved ones. The sweater may have to wait.

      Mood reading sounds good. I have enough other pressures in my life at the moment. Enjoy your Irish sojourn!

      1. Oh yes festive knitting sounds great. I’m going to a presentation this week where a friend is going to tell us about her museum of knitting she is creating. I’m going to enjoy her creativity and admire the talent! 🙂

  2. You certainly did have a great reading month. I hope you will continue to carry on with the spiritual memoir challenge next year. I am very interested in reading more spiritual memoirs in the future.

    I admire your knitting. Perhaps even more I admire your ability to modify what you have already done.

    1. That’s something it took me a while to dare to do … but it’s much better than having a sweater that doesn’t quite fit. Sometimes it takes me a few tries to get it right!

  3. I think the graphics on your blog are exquisite! How lovely to have your son paint them for you. I’m sorry that I missed the 1962 Club, but I already have the next on written on my calendar; those are such fun events!

  4. Glad you had a good month, Lory. The graphics are lovely and the sweater impressive. I can only do simple scarves and hats but no more.

  5. I just got back from a trip to upstate New York. I have some knitting projects to work on and send them to some relatives to sell.
    There another monthly link up called Bookworm monthly.
    Have a great November reading month.
    My wrap up

  6. Love your blog graphics! I have artist friends and family, and even though I’ve offered to pay them the same thing I pay people I don’t know, they never seem to want to do anything for me. So that’s awesome your son does that! Your trip looks like it was a nice one. Love the knitting. Wish I did something like that, but just don’t have the time to take away from reading to learn now, lol. Hope you have a good November!

    1. I keep trying to get my son to sell his art but he can’t figure out how to do that. At least he can do it for me and save me the cost of paying someone else!

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