Moving and changing

Challenging my tech skills, I believe I have successfully moved this blog from to a self-hosted platform. I’ve tried to migrate all my followers — I definitely do not want to lose any of you! — so I hope that worked. If you are still on board, I would love to hear from you with a brief comment or smiley face or what have you.

Some changes will be coming in the near future, which I am excited to share with you. But first, I want to make sure the ground is solid under our feet.

It felt as if the whole room turned with them. The dog-man crouched close to Sophie. Michael staggered. Sophie felt as if their piece of the world had come loose and was swinging and jigging round in a circle, sickeningly. She did not blame Calcifer for looking so frightened. –Diana Wynne Jones, from Howl’s Moving Castle, “In which the moving castle moves house”

Still with me? Then I’ll be in touch soon!


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