#OneWord2022: Everything is connected

brown rope tangled and formed into heart shape on brown wooden rail

When I chose the word “connect” as an intentional practice for the year, I didn’t know what to expect or how to proceed. But through the months, it led me on an inner journey that accompanied my efforts to improve my physical health, and along the way I collected new and fascinating evidence for the truth that everything really is connected. Our bodies and our souls, our individual being and the social community, humanity and the universe. Only in the prison of our unperceiving minds can we ever be disconnected from this wholeness, which is always there when we choose to wake up to it.

I read through my One Word posts during the year (click on the link if you want to revisit them too) and was reminded of some of the steps on that journey, which brought me closer connections to my body, to other people, and to the wisdom of Scripture and of nature. I am so thankful for having had the opportunity to take up this challenge, through which a single word turned out to be connected to so many things.

I’m not planning to do this particular exercise next year, but I’ll remain interested to see where others’ words lead them. And if you have some thoughts to share from your word this year, please link them in the comments so I can visit.

I wish everyone a peaceful transition from this year to the next!

brown rope tangled and formed into heart shape on brown wooden rail
Photo by Pixabay on Pexels.com

One Word linkup at Lisa Notes

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18 thoughts on “#OneWord2022: Everything is connected

  1. Connect sounds like it provided a good springboard for you in 2022, Lory.

  2. Connect sounds like an important practice for all of us to consider. Interesting that my word (REST) required me to disconnect in some pretty major ways…

  3. I love how “one single word” ended up affecting so many areas of your life, Lory. You’ve been an inspiration this year with CONNECT! I’m grateful that we were able to connect more as a result, too. Thanks for adding this to our One Word linkup!

    1. Yes, our connection has been a true gift! Thank you so much for all you have shared, it’s an inspiration to me.

  4. I’m glad your word was helpful for you this year, Lory. It was fun to get to know you in our small group. I wish you the best of everything in the coming year!

    1. It was a journey that took me to places I didn’t expect! I wonder now where this year will bring me, even though I don’t have a single word to focus on.

        1. One might come to me later on, it’s true! I’ve also seen that people keep the same word for more than one year, and I might do that too.

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