Over at Authors Publish: A Title Is Born

In the latest issue of Authors Publish Magazine, there’s a piece I wrote about the process of choosing a title for my forthcoming book:

When a book I’d written chronicling my spiritual and healing journey was accepted by a publisher, I didn’t expect the process of publication itself to hold further spiritual challenges. Choosing a title, for example, proved to be unexpectedly fraught with emotion. From the other side of this trial, I now see that it was a good opportunity to practice speaking up for my personal truth, while respecting the perspective of others, and staying mindful of a creative will greater than my own. In fact, it encapsulated my whole journey in a nutshell, and what could be more appropriate?

Read the rest and find out what title was finally decided here.

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4 thoughts on “Over at Authors Publish: A Title Is Born

  1. I understand your dilemma, Lory. When you have put such careful thought into the word choices of your poetry, you naturally want to have equal thoughtfulness in the title since that’s the first thing people will see. I think you’ve chosen well!

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