Over at Shiny New Books: The Temple of Fortuna

I’ve just reviewed the third volume of Elodie Harper’s Wolf Den trilogy, The Temple of Fortuna, for Shiny New Books.

My short review is: “Read these books, they’re excellent.” (With caveats to those who may be triggered by descriptions of sexual abuse – the central character is forced into prostitution in ancient Pompeii – or volcanic eruptions.)

However, if you’d like to learn more, my review of the first book, The Wolf Den, will avoid spoilers for the others.

If you’re really curious, you can also check out my reviews of The House with the Golden Door and The Temple of Fortuna.

Good reading!

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2 thoughts on “Over at Shiny New Books: The Temple of Fortuna

    1. No, but I’ve heard those are good too and wonder how they would compare. Definitely recommend these, if you can stomach the rough parts (the worst things take place “off stage” but it’s still harrowing).

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