#Ozathon24: April Wrap-up

This is the place to collect posts on The Road To Oz, our April read for the Ozathon.

Polychrome meets Ozma – illustration by John R. Neill

Here’s what I’ve gathered. Please let me know if I missed your post!

Leaving Oz in magic bubbles — illustration by JRN

Be sure to visit The Book Stop in May for posts about The Emerald City of Oz, the final book in this stage of the journey. Even if you didn’t like the last two books so much, you might still find yourself enjoying this one, with which Baum (unsuccessfully) tried to bring the Oz series to a close.

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8 thoughts on “#Ozathon24: April Wrap-up

  1. There are a lot of puns in The Emerald City of Oz! I assume Baum put these in because they amused him and maybe he knew there was a lot of reading aloud by parents (such as my great-grandfather who had seven children) . . .

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