#Ozathon24: The Road to Oz

Who’s still with us for the Ozathon? This month’s book is The Road to Oz, which you’ll find quite a change of pace after last month’s infernal adventures. Some might even call it a tad boring … but it has its own points of interest, too. It’s even a favorite for some readers, who appreciate its festive and welcoming spirit. (See for example this article by Paul Miles Schneider, author of an Oz-inspired series.)

As usual, Deb and I will be sharing our thoughts, and at the end of the month I’ll be doing the round-up post to assemble any others who have joined us. See you on the road!

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10 thoughts on “#Ozathon24: The Road to Oz

    1. I forgot how annoying Button-Bright is! Or that Dorothy should not go wandering off with strange, shaggy men!

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