Postcards from Switzerland: Solothurn

Chris of Calmgrove asked if I was planning to post some visits to Swiss castles, given the theme of my blog. I thought that was a lovely idea, so I’ll try to oblige! At the moment we are not really able to travel, but I was in the beautiful city of Solothurn the other day for an appointment and I took some pictures. A Roman settlement was on this site as early as 15 AD, and in the middle ages it was part of the kingdom of Lotharingia. What’s now called the Old Town was built between 1530 and 1792 and is famous for its Baroque buildings.

On a sunnier day I’d love to go back and show you the river and some more expansive views. For now, I hope you enjoy these scenes.


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8 thoughts on “Postcards from Switzerland: Solothurn

  1. *Sigh of envy* Lovely!

    I was super-excited to go to Sacramento a couple days ago — it’s the farthest I’ve been since March. It’s not all that poetic, but it has some nice trees.

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