Postcards from Switzerland: Ticino

Back in October, when winter was already approaching in our region, we spent a couple of weeks exploring and looking for sunshine in Ticino, the Italian part of Switzerland. It can only be reached by going over or under the Alps — we spent 15 minutes driving through the Gotthard Tunnel, a wonder of modern engineering that should be avoided by the claustrophobic.

On the other side, there are an array of beautiful, very steep valleys, a central plain that was once a malaria-ridden marsh but has now been drained for agriculture, and the northern ends of three long, narrow Italian lakes. We first had a couple of rainy days in the city of Locarno, but then it cleared up and had a wonderful time doing a lot of very vertical hiking and catching some rays. We ended up with a lakeside stroll in the other major city, Lugano.

Here are some images I captured to remind me of that lovely place. Hope you enjoy seeing them too.

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6 thoughts on “Postcards from Switzerland: Ticino

  1. Thanks for sharing these, Lory, what a lovely break this must have been. I was also taken by the juxtaposition of the helipad and the frescoed church among the scenery and townscapes. What delight!

    1. It’s my pleasure. At least we’ve been able to enjoy traveling in Switzerland the last couple of years even if we can’t go anywhere else.

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