Postcards from Switzerland: Lovely Lucerne

We haven’t been doing much traveling for the last few months, but last October on our way back from Ticino we stopped in Lucerne, a city in the heart of “old Switzerland.” It was a gorgeous day to spend a couple of hours in this stunning location by the lake, with a view of the Alps and an old city wall to explore. I’m sure we’ll return some day.

Here are just a few images, from longhorn cows in the park to the fascinating medieval towers (all slightly different) that have been preserved along with sections of the original city wall, beautifully painted buildings, and another iconic tower and bridge.

I hope these images provide some soothing beauty in the midst of all the world troubles. Have you visited Lucerne, or would you like to?

8 thoughts on “Postcards from Switzerland: Lovely Lucerne

    1. My husband says it’s crooked so the witches can’t use it, I don’t know if that’s true. 😀

  1. The first time I visited Lucerne was in 1981, and I fell in love. We went back about six years later, but never got to visit again. Thankfully, we saw the original wooden bridge before it burned down and was restored to what you see today.

  2. Yes, your goal was accomplished! These sights did bring me some joy in the midst of crazy times in our world. I see none of these sights in Alabama. 🙂

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