Share Four Somethings: April 2023

Share Four Somethings is a meme hosted by Overflowing with Thankfulness. I thought I’d try something new and join this year, as a way to look back at some of the things I loved, saw, learned, and ate each month. (I’m replacing “reading” with “seeing,” because I always review my reading in my monthly wrap-up post.) If you’d like to join too, the linkup is the last Saturday of each month.

This month, I love that I finally got my hair cut after more than a year — the not-cutting started during COVID, and then I just could not seem to get it together to have a trim. So when I finally located my former stylist (who had moved in the meantime, I discovered!) I had about a foot chopped off, and it felt great.

I saw many wonderful things on a two-day trip we took to some cultural sites in France and Switzerland. I had wanted to go to Chartres during our spring vacation, but in the end I decided that was too much. However we got to see Notre Dame du Haut, the famous church by Le Corbusier, and that was very special. I’ll post more pictures of this and other places soon.

Although I’ve largely stopped eating desserts, I made an exception for my husband’s birthday cake – at his request I made a quark cheesecake, and the crustless version from Classic German Baking turned out to be super simple and could even be gluten free – I just subbed oat flour for semolina. The picture is of the recipe because the cake vanished too quickly to photograph. It’s an excellent book, highly recommended for all bakers.

Also on our trip, I learned about the painter Wayne Thiebaud, an American artist I’d never heard of who is just getting his first exhibition in the German-speaking world. His pictures of things, landscapes, and people, are solidly representational, yet in their artful composition they reach toward abstraction. To him a painting creates a little world that one should be able to visit and live in, for beauty and refreshment, and his are well suited to that goal.

What would you share this month?

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12 thoughts on “Share Four Somethings: April 2023

  1. I’d love to see more pics from france and Switzeralnd – how fab!! I also am slow to get hair cut. After all the lockdowns, I’d rather go to a gallery than waste time in the hairdresser, but it is getting ridiculous. I went to the barber and just told him to cut a heap off and he was very uncomfortable because it was ‘women’s hair’ but it’s dead straight and in a straight line so any idiot can do it…He really didn’t want to do my fridge and I said “I’ll just do it myself and you won’t do it worse than that’. The whole thing was weird. but it took no time at all and cost $20 which for here is amazingly cheap! #ShareFourSomethings

    1. I’ll share more pictures soon! That is a funny story about the barber. I also have a very plain cut, but it can be super expensive here. I’m glad I found someone who does not charge an arm and a leg. 🙂

  2. Yay for finding your stylist again! I’ve been looking for a regular stylist for about 3 years now. I finally found one last month per a friend’s recommendation that I think I’m going to love. I’ve gotten one cut so far, and go back this Thursday for my second cut.

    Your trip sounds lovely for so many reasons. I can’t imagine living in Europe and having access to so many cultural sites.

    1. In theory that is true, but in actuality we have hardly gone anywhere the last few years of course — and it’s still time-consuming and expensive to travel, so we tend not to. However, I really want to make an effort and see some of the amazing things that are less than a day away!

  3. Must have felt quite freeing to have that much hair trimmed off! Your travels sound wonderful and educational. Glad you could take the time to do that! Visiting from SFS today.

    1. Thanks for stopping by. Yes, it does feel a lot freer not having to deal with all that hair. It was nice to travel a bit as well.

  4. Wow, that is a lot of hair cut off! I always find that my hair literally weighs me down when it is long, but feels so much better when it is shorter! Your travels sound lovely!

  5. Great list! I too envy your proximity to so many cultural sites. I like that you switched out ‘read’ to ‘see’ — I’ve been trying to soak in this beautiful spring and see a lot.

    1. No matter how close they are, we have to get off our bums and go see them. I’m certainly glad we managed this time. You had some great posts to share this spring as well from your area!

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