Shiny Linkiness: Hidden Valley Road

I’m proud to be a reviewer for the excellent recommendation website Shiny New Books, brought to you by bloggers Annabel ( and Harriet ( Every week they present reviews of the best and brightest — and, well, shiniest — new books.

During my blog break, SNB published my review of the British hardcover release of Hidden Valley Road, which came out some time ago in the US to great acclaim. I found it a fascinating and worthwhile read — you may find the topic (schizophrenia) disturbing, but it’s all the more important to delve into it and the human cost of ignoring, suppressing, or mistreating those who suffer from it. Because I love stories, the author’s method of focusing on the experience of one family as a way to explore wider questions gave me a way into a world that otherwise can seem obscure or intimidating.

Read my review to find out more, and be sure to check out all the other shiny offerings.

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6 thoughts on “Shiny Linkiness: Hidden Valley Road

  1. Beautifully-written review. This book came to my attention during Nonfiction November and I’ve seen it at a lot of bookstores. I’m planning to read it some day. How devastating this disease must be for this family.

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