Support Book Bloggers Challenge: Ten posts I commented on

I have been very remiss with this challenge hosted by Pages Unbound. I took part in January and Feburary and then forgot all about it. Sorry, fellow book bloggers! I do still want to support you (the challenge is just a pretext).

This month I’m linking up to some of the posts I have commented on lately. Maybe you’ll find them interesting too!

A talking Tolkien – want to join the conversation?

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10 thoughts on “Support Book Bloggers Challenge: Ten posts I commented on

  1. I follow some of the blogs you mention but I’ll look at the others here that have caught my eye – and thanks for the link to mine!

  2. It’s so hard to keep up with blog commenting isn’t it. Despite good intentions I always seem to be chasing my tail on this

    1. I tend to do it in spurts … I get into the commenting mood and do a bunch at once. Then I’m neglectful for a while again. This was a good incentive.

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