Throwback Thursday: A Guide to Blackstock College

This is a new feature I hope to make regular, at least for a while — linking back to of my favorite posts from my old blog, The Emerald City Book Review. I recently fixed the problems with my domain name on the archive version of the site, so that all old links should work. Hooray!

So to celebrate, I’m linking to a slightly updated version of a post from Witch Week 2015, which took readers on a tour of Blackstock College, the imaginary college from Pamela Dean’s Tam Lin. Blackstock is based on Carleton College, where Dean and I both went to school, and were students in the English department (though some decades apart). I had a blast creating this post and so I’m always happy to revisit it. And Halloween is the perfect time to do so!

To start your tour, click here to see the post on The Emerald City Book Review Archive. And be sure to head over to Calmgrove for this year’s Witch Week celebration (starting with my guest post on October 31).

Aerial shot of Carleton, stunt double for the magic-haunted Blackstock College

10 thoughts on “Throwback Thursday: A Guide to Blackstock College

  1. Nice throw back. I have started doing that recently. Whatever we wrote ten years ago can still be important now. So, thanks for this.

  2. Glad you sorted out the links to your archive, just in time for me to point to early Witch Weeks in the wrap-up post! 🙂 And I still haven’t got round to reading Tam Lin *smacks wrist*

    1. Yes, it was fairly useless with all the links broken. Now all old links should work. Tam Lin is terrif! Hope you’ll get to it someday.

  3. That’s really cool! My own college, Bryn Mawr, is the inspiration for A College of Magics by Caroline Stevermer (a book I recommend if you haven’t read it already!)

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