Top Ten Typographic Covers

This week’s TTT focuses on books with covers that are all or mostly text-based. I love me a good typographic cover, but I could not think of any off the top of my head, so I scrolled through my Goodreads lists of read and want-to-read books to see what I could find. It was not long before I hit ten!

I found it interesting to note that many of the titles are about things that are hard to visualize or portray in images (God, freedom) or they are about the idea of something being hidden — or conversely, seeing something. And color and shape are powerful conveyors of meaning, even without pictures.

I hope you enjoy this selection of covers, and let me know if you did your own TTT.

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22 thoughts on “Top Ten Typographic Covers

  1. Yes, often used for nonfiction. I’m actually surprised by the very first one. I loved this book, but so many years ago, that I can’t figure out why that special colored design!

    1. I think just because Asher Lev is a painter. Random splashes of color seem meant to convey that, although they do not say anything about his particular style of art.

  2. What an interesting array of covers, Lory, and perhaps revealing of your love of order? πŸ™‚ The Bragg is striking because of that splash of yellow, isn’t it, but my favourite is ‘The Library Book’ – rich, redolent of classic leather tomes, and maybe also a hint of the Welsh Mabinogion tales contained in the medieval ‘Red Book of Hergest’.

    1. I do like finding out about the order in things, and a number of these books are dedicated to that, so that makes sense. The Library Book is a great cover, understated in style, but with its fiery colors and that little flame icon hinting at the contents.

  3. This prompt has definitely got me thinking about why book covers are designed in the way they are. It makes sense that typographic covers would be used when a book would be difficult to illustrate effectively. Very interesting.

    Happy TTT (on a Wednesday)!


  4. I’m going to be controversial here and admit I don’t particularly enjoy typographic covers. I’m sure they’re very meaningful and artsy and all, but I would prefer a cover with an image any day!

    1. Not everyone is drawn to plain type, and that’s fine! I happen to like both kinds, but type-only can definitely be boring.

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