Witch Week is coming …

A friendly reminder that Witch Week is on its way, October 31 to November 5. This event, which I started in my first year of blogging, now ably hosted by Calmgrove and Lizzie Ross, Writer, celebrates fantasy books and authors during the week designated by Diana Wynne Jones as “a time when anything can happen.” At a time when a lot is happening, much of it unpleasant, at least there is one thing to look forward to that we know will be simply and utterly magical.

The theme this year is “Polychromancy,” books by BIPOC authors and featuring colorful casts of characters. I participated in a discussion of Zen Cho’s Malaysia-based ghost story Black Water Sister, and I can’t wait to see that in final form.

Will you join in Witch Week? What polychromancic fantasies can you recommend?

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