A poem and a painting for Advent: Announcement

My poem “Announcement” has been published at Reformed Journal, and I thought a link would be an appropriate way to celebrate this festive season.

This poem was inspired by a painting of the Annunciation that I saw at the Isabella Stewart Gardner Museum in Boston some years ago. I got to talk about a bit about that inspiration, and the process of writing, on the Reformed Journal Podcast.

The poem sadly wasn’t posted with the accompanying painting, but here it is:

Piermatteo d’Amelia – The Annunciation, about 1487

I found this such a striking and unusual version of the Annunciation when I saw it. I brought a postcard home, and eventually a poem emerged. You can read more about the painting and its setting at the Gardner here.

The poem begins:

An anxious mind is paralyzed by choice.
The angel doesn’t offer choice, but birth —
springing the snare of virtue versus vice.

For the rest, please visit Reformed Journal.

Whatever your tradition at this time of year, I wish you the grace of light, the consolation of peace, and the wisdom that leads us toward the birth of our better selves. Thank you for your presence here.

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6 thoughts on “A poem and a painting for Advent: Announcement

    1. I was happy that the museum had a postcard of the painting I could take home with me. Usually my favorites are the ones that don’t seem to get chosen for reproduction.

  1. A poem that quietly invites the reader to consider choices. I was particularly struck by this stanza:

    The door between them opens on a place
    where light breaks through, and heaven touches earth.
    The tree of virtue grows in grounds of vice.

    Anyway, congratulations on having this published!

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