#BookBloggerSupport22 Challenge

This month, for the Support Book Bloggers Challenge I thought I’d shake things up a bit and look for some random blogs I would not have come across otherwise. I scrolled through the Search panel of WordPress Reader and picked out a few posts that caught my eye, then commented on them. As a bonus, I was the first and so far the only person to comment on each of these. Why not check them out and see if you have something to add to the conversation?

Healing Through Fiction at Josha Publishing Blog

Review of Dark Lord of Derkholm at Muse with Me

My Fall TBR at The Art of Reading

Review of Finlay Donovan Knocks ’em Dead at The Charmed Librarian

Unpacking my Grandfather’s Books at C.J. Schuyler

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10 thoughts on “#BookBloggerSupport22 Challenge

  1. Good idea to find new bloggers to follow – there are so many that I’ve never come across. i always feel sad if I discover a blogger that has very little traffic on their sites in the form of comments.

    1. I do too … there are just so many blogs and not enough attention to go around. But we can make an effort to help people feel seen.

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