Month in Review: August 2021

Hello! It’s so nice to be back to blogging, after a busy month of teaching English on italki. Things slowed down there after the first couple of weeks, and now I have a manageable number of students and can imagine doing something else with my spare time.

It’s a good thing, because one of my favorite blog events is coming up: Witch Week, hosted by Calmgrove and Lizzie Ross, Writer. I’ll be contributing a guest post about the Queen’s Thief books by Megan Whalen Turner, to go with the theme of “Treason and Plot,.” If you haven’t yet read this excellent series, I can’t wait to introduce you to it. So watch for all the fun to begin on October 31.

What are you looking forward to as autumn approaches?


I only finished a few books in August, but they were good ones! I’ve started on a jag of Diana Wynne Jones rereads, maybe spurred by thinking about Witch Week. You’ll be seeing more of those next month..


As I mentioned above, I’ve really enjoyed getting started with online English teaching. I’ve had students from China, Russia, Argentina, Chile, and Vietnam, living in places like Norway, the US, and Croatia … it’s quite amazing!

After finishing The Little Witch by Otfried Preußler I kept going with my Summer in Other Languages project, moving on to a more difficult book by the same author, Krabat, I am pleased that I’m able to understand most of it (It probably helps that I read it already in English, but that was some years ago so I’ve forgotten most of the specifics.)

I’m also looking for a tutor to work with who is interested in helping me to read real books in German. I’ve found some possibilities, so i’ll let you know how it goes.


In Switzerland August means back to work and to school, which I still find a little strange after being used to our long American school breaks … but vacation is coming in October. Hopefully we’ll be able to travel, so I may have some exciting plans to share soon. In the meantime, I’ve been enjoying some sunnier days in the latter part of the summer. It’s lovely enough right here that I don’t need to go far for some natural refreshment.

Sighted on a walk through our village. The Swiss love their window boxes!

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13 thoughts on “Month in Review: August 2021

  1. Sois la bienvenue! We’ve missed you. Congrats on your English teaching work picking up so well, and on your own efforts at acquiring facility with a MFL. And of course I’m looking forward to reading more your you progress with new and old literary works!

    1. There are so many different platforms and so many people learning languages across the globe! I find it quite amazing.

  2. Wow to teaching students from around the world! That’s so cool. My daughter started giving music lessons and math tutoring online when the world shut down and enjoys the convenience and extra income. She teaches kids from all over the US. I enjoyed seeing the window box photo, so thank you for sharing.

    1. Thanks for visiting, glad you enjoyed it. I’m also glad your daughter is enjoying her online tutoring – it’s been a great experience for me so far.

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