Blog break

As I mentioned in my monthly review post yesterday, I’ve just started teaching English on italki. I’m actually getting quite a lot of lesson requests, which is fantastic, but it’s taking up much of the time I usually have to spend on blogging! Until I settle into a workable rhythm, I’m going to take a break here. I expect to be back on September 5 with my August review post.

If you’re reading books in other languages for my summer challenge, I’ll post a wrap-up shortly thereafter.

In the meantime, maybe you are celebrating Austen in August ? Adam of Roof Beam Reader has brought it back, and I know there are some other blogs where all things Austen are the order of the month. I’ll let you know in September if I managed to join in and what I read.

Below, an antiquarian bookshop in Fribourg, where one might find Austen and other treasures. See you soon!

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8 thoughts on “Blog break

  1. Hope the lessons are going well Lory, would love to hear some of your stories (I’d imagine they’re quite interesting!). Looking forward to your return!

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