Postcards from Switzerland: Fribourg

A few weeks ago we found ourselves with some time on our hands in Fribourg, a largish city (for Switzerland) that’s grown up around a well-preserved medieval center. The city is built upon both sides of the deep gorge cut by the river Saane; up on the cliffs still sit the ancient fortresses and monasteries, while streets and houses wiggle their way down to the water along winding alleyways and stairs. (You can take a funicular if you’re not up to the hike.)

It’s a fascinating place we had all too little time to explore, so I hope we’ll be back. Here are some pictures to enjoy in the meantime.

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4 thoughts on “Postcards from Switzerland: Fribourg

    1. We may be exploring Switzerland for quite a while longer. Good thing there ‘s so much to see.

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