Geode – a poem

Here’s a poem I felt like sharing with you today. It was written after some meditative time spent with a geode (shown in photo) that sits nearby on my bookshelf as I write. In real life it’s quite small, only about two and a half inches in diameter, but I love the sparkling world that it opens up within.

Do you have a favorite object or talisman that lives in your writing space? Have you ever written about it?

In a curving ear
lined with light,
attentive stones
focus on the core.
There, a larger crystal
rises, points to empty space,
and states: I am.
The audience twinkles.
Radiating inward
they breathe the secret.

So long as I only speak
in clumsy, surface language,
rough, ugly rocks
rolling around
crashing and banging together,
I can’t hear the hidden word.
Stop rolling, stop banging.
Stand still and allow
the knife to sever cleanly.
See another surface,
this one transparent.
Be the crystal.
Be the space.

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2 thoughts on “Geode – a poem

  1. Lovely Lory. I have lots of crystals in the room I write in. I like learning about them and trying to understand their energies. But I love my geodes! They fascinate me. They look like the entrance into another world 😊

    1. They do, don’t they? For me they are symbols of the riches of language itself, which is just noise when you don’t have the key to understanding, but opens into this whole incredible world when you do.

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