Reading the Theatre: The story so far

Welcome to a month of Reading the Theatre! I’m planning to have a blast this month with one of my favorite reading themes, so I hope you will indulge me, or even — in the best-case scenario — join in to share what inspires your own enthusiasm.

I wanted to start out by collecting all of the theatrically-oriented posts I’ve done over the years, both here and on my former blog The Emerald City Book Review. It turns out there are quite a few of them. I’ve organized them by topic so that if there’s something you are particularly interested in, you can hop right to it.

I do hope you’ll find something to enjoy here, and let me know your thoughts.

Romeo and Juliet, from the facade of the Folger Shakespeare Library

Theatre experiences

Reading plays

Theatrical nonfiction

Theatrical fiction


The Globe Theatre restoration in London

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