Month in Review: August 2022


This month, I really wanted to get back to my Reading Around the World project, and I had some great journeys through Europe with a teenage backpacker, around the Middle East with fictional displaced Palestinians, and to Malaysia via a fantasy novel about ghosts and the bonds of family.

The latter was in anticipation of the upcoming Witch Week celebration, for which I was invited to be part of the discussion group along with six of my favorite bloggers. I loved the book and am sure we’ll have an amazing online discussion, which you’ll find in edited form over at Lizzie Ross, Writer and Calmgrove during Witch Week, October 31 to November 6.

I also wrote a post in honor of the ten-year anniversary of The Classics Club blog, highlighting ten of my favorite classics that I’ve read after finishing my Club list. I was actually surprised how many of these there were after I stopped keeping track. And I also kept up with the Support Book Bloggers challenge with Ten Books I Read Because of Other Bloggers.

Here’s what I read in August, with links to my Goodreads reviews:


Not much to report here, except that after the summer break I went back to English teaching. I decided to only teach from home for now, and stop traveling to do the odd lesson at local language schools — it’s not worth the travel time. But there are a few students who want to come to me, and that’s fine for now.


Lately I’ve been quite preoccupied with my digestive health issues, as reported in two posts, Uncovering my eating disorder and #OneWord2022: The Health Connection. It’s been a long, confusing, and painful journey, but I do think I am finally getting somewhere. There is hope!

Otherwise, I reported on our holiday in the Alps, a very lovely and refreshing time away.

But that happened in July, so what’s been going on in August? For the first couple of weeks, we had a visitor: a friend from my son’s former school in the US. Then when we said goodbye to her, school began for him — tenth grade, which I find hard to believe. Near the end of the month he went off by train for a three-week practicum on a farm in Germany, the first time he’s traveled so far from home by himself. He made it there, navigating the six-hour journey on his own since the cell phone plan I’d bought for him didn’t work in the hour of need. At any rate, he’s there now, being fine and independent, and the empty nest feels a step nearer. When he comes back, I have to remember to cherish every moment, even the many annoying ones that come with having a teenager.

How was your summer’s end? What have you seen, done, visited, been visited by, reflected on, or looked forward to this month?

At the Segantini Museum in St. Moritz

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22 thoughts on “Month in Review: August 2022

  1. Thanks for this summary of your past few weeks of reading, blogging, travelling and reflecting, Lory, you’ve accomplished quite a lot, I’m pleased to see! And thanks for the seal of approval and participation in the latest incarnation of Witch Week which you so perceptively inaugurated way back when!

    We had a good ten days break in Aberdyfi, scene of events in the final two titles of The Dark is Rising sequence, with walks, swims and rides on heritage steam railways and meet-ups with family, some of whom (the daughter-in-law’s parents) live in the town. I’ve just finished a Cooper title, not one in the Stanton/Drew series, which I’ll review soon: have you read her King of Shadows?

    Now I’m contemplating all the musical activities I’ve signed up for – choirs, orchestra, accompanying – and hoping they’ll distract me from the existential threats the UK is facing from a corrupt and criminal government…

    1. I haven’t read King of Shadows, I’ll look forward to learning more through your review. All the best with your musical efforts, I terribly miss being in choir. And I do think it makes a difference, amidst the darkness of the world … a small spot of light, but still a source of hope and encouragement.

  2. Good luck with the digestive issues. I’ve been having a few myself and been warned to stay from oily and spicy foods, all of which I love.

  3. My Name is Asher Lev has been one of my favorite reads for a long time, and I was pleased to discover another person in my book group also loves this book. As a result, it is now on our schedule for next February. I did not know about the sequel (thank you!) and now I hope to read it, too.

    The last few years our sons were home seemed to go quickly; our sons spent a lot of time during the last few years with friends. You are right to try to enjoy this time, despite the trauma of the teen years.

    1. I think Asher Lev would be great for a book group, there would be lots to discuss. I am glad I was able to follow up immediately with the sequel, but I wish there were a third book!

  4. A lovely summary. Not sure what I did in August though I had a lot of work on which was nice, and some interesting projects. We’re trying to plan a holiday for October. Happy autumnal reading!

  5. The highlight of my summer was traveling to the Outer Banks in North Carolina and helping my mom with summer camp. I had to teach over 50 five and six year-olds how to cook. It was fun and I hope to do it again next year.

    Have a great September reading month.

  6. I enjoyed Black Water Witch. I am glad you did too. School started up for my daughter the beginning of August so it feels like our summer ended long ago–even though weather-wise it hasn’t at all. I hope you have a great week and month of September!

  7. witch week sounds fab. Your sons trip sounds like a wonderful opportunity glad he was able to navigate there and is enjoying himself

  8. It sounds like you’ve had a really nice month, and a thoughtful one! I’m sorry to hear of some of your struggles but always appreciate your insights. I enjoyed Black Water Sister very much, I’m glad you liked it. I hope your son enjoys his time in Germany!

    1. It has been a good month. Honestly, the worst part about all my struggles was not being able to talk about them. Now that I’ve gotten over that it’s much better. I do appreciate everyone who listens to or reads my blatherings.

      Glad you enjoyed Black Water Sister too, I’m really looking forward to sharing our discussion during Witch Week.

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