My Year in Fiction

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I hope you’ll continue to indulge me as I do more wrap-up posts, which are mostly for my own edification. Last year was the first time I assembled a post reviewing all my fiction reading for the year, and it was interesting to see what patterns emerged. I noted that there were a lot of comfort rereads and light fiction, and that has continued this year, with a few more serious examples. I suppose it’s just what I need, when life is so challenging these days.

Here is a collage of my favorite discoveries from the year, followed by a complete list linked to my blog post or StoryGraph review.

Have you enjoyed any of these too? What were your outstanding fiction reads of 2022?

New to me Adult Fiction

Dean Street December

Around the World

Reading the Theatre

Comfort Rereads

Fantasy series readalongs

Reading in Other Languages

5 thoughts on “My Year in Fiction

  1. Several very familiar – many for obvious reasons! – titles here, and also quite a few I’ve yet to get to, if ever. I’ve yet to read the DWJ though – I’m waiting for an edition with illustrations that appeal…

  2. Oh I’m so pleased you read The Color Purple! It’s one of my top three favorite books of all time, and I’m always delighted when other people give it a go. Though it starts out in a very dark place, it ends up being such a joyful book in so many ways.

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