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I’m honored to have my review of the new Folio Society edition of Neil Gaiman’s Neverwhere posted as the final post for 2022 at Shiny New Books. Please check it out to learn more about this delectable new edition. Here’s the opening of my review:

I wouldn’t normally expect much of a book created as the novelization of a TV series, but in this case, you know—Neil Gaiman. His first solo novel (after collaborating with Terry Pratchett on Good Omens) arose out of a 1996 BBC mini-series that, unsurprisingly, put some limits upon his imaginative scope with its budgetary constraints. Fortunately, he simply decided to put anything that couldn’t go on screen into a book, and Neverwhere is the result. Never yet having sampled this somewhat unusual concoction, a new Folio Society edition offered me a simply irresistible invitation to plunge into the “magic and the sewers and the dark,” exploring a fantasy master’s fictional origins…

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4 thoughts on “Neverwhere at Shiny New Books

  1. Great review, Lory, and as I seem to have passed on my copy of Neverwhere I’m sorely tempted by this handsome edition, especially with the addition of illustrations, typeface and the associated short story ‘How the Marquis Got His Coat Back’ (the details of which are fuzzy though I remember reading it somewhere).

  2. Neverwhere is one of my favourite Gaiman books and the first I recommend to folks who haven’t read anything by him. Great review of a striking edition! I like the illustrations, which for me can be a risky business.

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