#Ozathon24: Ozma of Oz

With the third book of the Oz series, we have the return of Dorothy and her meeting with the newly discovered ruler of Oz, along with a plethora of new characters including a feisty chicken, a mechanical man, and the underground Nomes. With its blend of excitement, humor, and suspense, it’s one of the best-constructed and most narratively satisfying of the series, in my opinion.

Will you agree? If you’re reading along, come back at the end of the month for the wrap-up post. Be sure to share your thoughts and links to any of your own posts.

Check out this post from Hungry Tiger Press for a survey of how Ozma was drawn over the course of the series — with plenty of Ozzy inconsistencies, of course.

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4 thoughts on “#Ozathon24: Ozma of Oz

  1. Because of problems with (a) our library’s opening times, because the librarian has retired and no replacement as yet appointed, and (b) problems with accessing our county library’s catalogue online, I haven’t been able to borrow any Oz stories, let alone just one! But the Ozma thread sounds interesting, and I enjoyed looking at the gallery on the link you provided!

    1. Oh dear! I do hope you can get the library issues sorted so you can join us in Oz at some point. It’s never too late!

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