Postcards from Switzerland: Muenster

Back in July, we spent about a week in the Goms Valley region of the Alps — we had planned to do some hiking, but as it ended up being shortly after my gallbladder surgery I couldn’t move around much, plus the weather was very wet. So we spent most of our time relaxing in our rented cabin and taking short walks along the swollen rivers between rainstorms.

The nearby town of Münster provided some picturesque examples of the local architecture: traditional huts built of larch wood that naturally ages to a striking dark hue, juxtaposed with whitewashed churches whose plain exteriors often conceal colorful painted interiors. (I find it interesting that even though Switzerland is such a small country, it has quite a number of such distinctive regional styles.) Here are some views for your enjoyment.

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4 thoughts on “Postcards from Switzerland: Muenster

  1. Lovely pictures! I keep meaning to ask if you’ve read And Both We’re Young by L’Engle, my favorite book set in Switzerland (apologies if I have asked and don’t recall the answer).

    Hope you have made a good recovery from your surgery. My mother had that very unexpectedly too.

    1. Yes I have! And last year we visited Gstaad where I believe she went to school. Alas I am not a skier, unlike Flip, but I could still appreciate the surroundings.

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