Really exciting publication news!

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Back in November, as you may or may not recall, I participated in a writing workshop during which I drafted a book project I’d had in mind for some time. This was based around poems that I had written from the point of view of the individuals healed by Christ in the Gospels. (I had already published earlier versions of two of those on the blog, Talitha, Koum and What the Rich Young Man Said). I added some background notes to each story, along with anecdotes from my own life and healing journey. My greatest hope was that this could be of interest and help to someone else who might be struggling and feeling lost and alone.

In January, I submitted my book to a publisher. And now, I’m thrilled to tell you there is serious interest, and next steps will be following soon.

I will share the details as they become more concrete, but I wanted to say a big thank you first of all for those who have responded to and supported my writing on this blog and my former blog, The Emerald City Book Review, over the years. Thank you for being such a great community of readers and writers, who have helped to give me the confidence to regard myself as a writer, too. I truly believe that I could not have come to this point without you, and I hope you know that I want to support you in all your efforts, as well.

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low angle photo of fireworks
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  1. That’s awesome news, Lory! I’m so excited for you that you have someone seriously considering your book. You are a beautiful writer so I’m not surprised that you’re being discovered. 🙂

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