Summer in Other Languages 2022

June has sprung suddenly upon me, so it’s time once more for my personal Summer in Other Languages challenge. All are invited — if during the months of June, July and August you would like to read anything in a language you consider “other” (other than your native language, other than you usually read, or what have you). Books in translation can also come along for the ride.

I am still trying not to stress myself too much with language learning, so I have one modest goal: to read Le Grand Meaulnes, a book I’ve already read in English and reviewed here. I was not that impressed by the English version, so I hope it will come across much better in the original! I’m very glad that Emma of Words and Peace was happy to do a readalong with me of one of her all-time favorite books, and has set up a Discord group for us. If anyone else wants to join in, you are most welcome! My goal is to read a chapter a day from mid-June through July … perfect for Paris in July too. Naturally, you are welcome to read in translation too although the Discord group will be in French.

If I manage to read anything else in French or German this summer, that would be fine but I’m not going to push myself. Do you have any other-language reading plans?

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6 thoughts on “Summer in Other Languages 2022

  1. I was really not planning on anything special besides English and French, but then one of my French students, after we reading Le Horla by Maupassant together, mentioned it reminded her of the Houseguest by Amparo Davila. So here I am starting to read it in Spanish. I may end up reading the whole collection, we’ll see

  2. I practiced a good deal of German on my trip (just got home!) but I’m nowhere near good enough to read a story. Guess I’m sticking to English this summer! I’m happy to see you back to blogging, and I wish you a great summer 🙂

    1. Thanks Jean, can’t wait to hear more about your trip. “Other languages” can be defined as you wish, including books in translation — the point to me is to widen our linguistic horizons, but I know you are always doing that anyway.

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