A new look

As a birthday present to myself this month, I ordered some new post graphics to update the look of Entering the Enchanted Castle. In the new year I plan to close down my other blog The Emerald City Book Review and move my other blogging activity, including book reviews and discussions, over here, so I thought it would be a good time for a change.

It was great to work with some talented (and very affordable) artists: designer Kat of Novels and Waffles, for the header and post graphics, and Giulia Priori who did my profile portrait. I can highly recommend them if you’re in the market for a new look!

I’ll make the changes later in the coming months, but here’s a preview. I’m really pleased with the results; hope you will be too.


9 thoughts on “A new look

  1. Those are lovely! I tried to get somebody to spiff up my very boring blog a couple of years ago, but she wasn’t doing it any more. Hmmmm….does this person do work that would work for ancient Blogger format?

    Looking forward to seeing your new look in action!

    1. They just provide graphics, not theme design, so I don’t see why that wouldn’t work for you as long as you can change elements on your blog yourself (e.g. header image). However, I think they only open the window for commissions when they have enough time. I was on a waitlist for Novels and Waffles for months before getting contacted. But you’ve been waiting long enough, it probably doesn’t matter!

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