Land of the labyrinth

I just returned from two weeks in Crete – glorious weather, dramatic scenery, the loveliest Mediterranean swimming, and fascinating archaeological sites.

I was a bit nervous about traveling during the pandemic but we were outside most of the time and masked whenever not and returned in good health. The tourist volume was way below normal, which helped too.

Now, back to a rainy, cold fall in Switzerland. But we have some lovely memories to keep us warm.

The Archaeological Museum of Heraklion
Replica of the same fresco at Knossos
Lighthouse of Chania
Chania streets
Handmade knives – a famous Cretan handcraft

Beach at Paleochora
Samaria Gorge – it took us 6 hours to walk down to the sea and I needed 3 days to recover
Returning to Paleochora by boat at evening

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12 thoughts on “Land of the labyrinth

  1. How lovely! I appreciate the photos; I wanted to go to Crete when we ended up going to Switzerland and now I fear I will never go, as my knees aren’t getting any younger.

    1. I would not go into the Samaria Gorge with knee problems. But you could enjoy the beach, the towns and the museums. Even Knossos didn’t involve a lot of climbing.

  2. Lovely to have these reminders of Crete, which we visited sometime last century (just checked, Easter 1993). Rethymnon, Chania, Knossos, Plakias featured, though we never had time for the Samaria Gorge. Lovely pics, obviously good memories stored up here!

  3. I’ve never been to Crete but I’ve seen other parts of Greece – it’s one of my favorite places, for its history, mythology, warm weather, beautiful settings, and great food! I’d love to get back there. I’m so glad to hear you had a good travel experience. Your pictures are beautiful.

    1. I’d love to go to mainland Greece when things settle down (if ever). We could have stayed a few days in Athens on the way but I didn’t want to do too much urban traveling and mingling. I hope there will be a chance soon.

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