Death in the Grand Manor at Staircase Wit

Another Reading the Theatre post over at Staircase Wit, and another mystery: this one being the first of the Tessa Crichton mysteries by Anne Morice, recently republished by Dean Street Press. Check out Constance’s review to learn more.

I just read it as well, and quite enjoyed it. The theatrical connection is that Tessa is an actress, and although she usually appears on screen rather than on stage, her cousin (as whose house she is staying) is a playwright, and his wife is another actress whose current performance becomes quite central to the plot.

To me the mystery was negligible compared with the pleasure of Tessa’s breezy delivery as she tells the tale, which kept me smiling throughout.

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2 thoughts on “Death in the Grand Manor at Staircase Wit

  1. I never heard of this series before, but I see a lot of vintage novels re-released by Dean Street Press that I would love to take a closer look at 🙂

    1. I’ve enjoyed a lot of their books. I think you’d like the Furrowed Middlebrow line – mid-century women’s fiction. I’ll be reviewing several by Stella Gibbons soon.

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