I’ve switched to The StoryGraph

I’ve been considering a switch from Amazon-owned Goodreads for some time, and this year I decided to finally make the change. I’ll be tracking my reading on the StoryGraph from now on; find me there as lory_enterenchanted.

I will still be visiting Goodreads to check out what my friends are up to (the social element on the StoryGraph is sadly lacking), and for more complete book and author information (ditto), but the new platform is growing by leaps and bounds and I have hopes that it will develop into something really satisfying and useful. I am considering joining as a Plus member so I can suggest and vote on desirable features. It’s already good for what I primarily want to use it for, anyway: keeping a record of my reading through the year. And it has fun stats and graphs that are not available on Goodreads, so that is a bonus. Here’s a link to my 2022 reading review.

I am trying out the Reading Challenges feature by joining a couple of challenges: an Onboarding Challenge has some clever prompts to help explore the platform, and The StoryGraph Reads the World could help me to meet my ongoing goal of reading more books from around the world.

I’ve added a new challenge of my own as well, which I will announce in a separate post, so keep an eye out for that.

If you are also on The StoryGraph please let me know so we can be friends!

2021 stats

2 thoughts on “I’ve switched to The StoryGraph

    1. Cool! Following doesn’t mean a lot at the moment but I wonder if more social features will be added in time. Some people don’t want that, but I’m in the “more social” camp. We’ll see what happens. I’ll keep up with you on Goodreads as well.

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