Month in Review: August 2023

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This month the 20 Books of Summer challenge came to a close, and I was very pleased with how it went this year (I only aimed at 10 books but achieved 14). I knocked a few longstanding books off my TBR, made progress in several challenges, discovered some new favorite authors, explored many different parts of the world, and even read books in two foreign languages. I also fit in a number of other spontaneous or mood reads, that were also quite outstanding.

It has really been a summer to remember, in terms of reading. How was it for you?


As noted above, I finished two books in German this month. I feel as though I’m becoming slightly more fluent; there’s an occasional page where I don’t even have to look up a word, and overall things are falling more easily into place. I hope I can keep going and build on this progress, whether with short stories or a longer novel.

Now, should I try watching the movie of Krabat? Might not be a bad idea…


Life has been extremely busy and active. My son had an art exhibition and started in a new school, we moved to a new apartment, I began working more hours at my regular job, I had a book title discussion with my publisher and learned more about upcoming steps. I don’t even know what else happened, as my life is now in boxes and I have to unpack it. I still may not have much time for blogging in the near future, but I’ll try to manage a post or two!

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10 thoughts on “Month in Review: August 2023

    1. Yes, the last time I tried this challenge I failed miserably. I helped myself by setting the bar low this time.

  1. Well done on your challenge and your German reading! I have two chapter books in Spanish to attempt but keep finding something else to do … Hope the unpacking goes OK and we’ll see you here when we see you.

    1. It’s not easy to fit in the foreign language reading, I know. I’m taking a break but hope to get back to it before too long.

  2. Lory, it does sound like things have been busy for you lately. All the good things that are happening—I’m excited for you! I do hope you will find time to keep us updated.

    I always wonder if I waited too long to try to learn other languages. It’s encouraging to hear that you are turning a corner with reading in German.

    I can’t wait to hear more about your book.

    1. Yes, all good things, though sometimes it’s a bit too much at once. 😀

      I think it is extremely difficult to learn a foreign language if you are not living in a country where it is spoken. I tried to learn German for years in the US and I could not make much progress. Actually having to use it in real life situations over an extended period of time makes all the difference. However, I think it’s always worth making the effort, no matter how far you get.

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