My Year in Nonfiction Update

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Reviewing my nonfiction reading for Nonfiction November makes things a little awkward when it comes to the year-end review, because it’s off by two months. So I decided to redo this post, counting from January through December.

Here again are the books I found most outstanding, slightly adjusted for 2022:

And my complete list by category, with links to blog post or Goodreads/StoryGraph review:

Biography and Memoir

Reading the Theatre

Spirituality and Religion

Cultural Commentary


Science and Nature


Literature and Criticism

6 thoughts on “My Year in Nonfiction Update

  1. What a good idea. I just decided that my non-fiction year goes from November to October, LOL.

    Except for the Bible, I haven’t read any of your books but as a chronic migraine sufferer myself, I am very interested in The Migraine Miracle. Thanks for the recommendation.

    1. If you’ve never tried an ancestral diet for your migraines, it’s worth a shot, although it didn’t work for me. The information was interesting.

      I have to fix the Bible entry – I think we had this confusion before, it was “The Bible: A Biography” by Karen Armstrong that I read.

  2. I really liked the two Beverly Cleary memoirs (and I think at least one of mine is autographed!). I would probably not have read Spare Oom if it hadn’t been for the Narnia group read, both of which I enjoyed.

    The library where I work one day a month (alas, it is today, although it is cold out and I wish I could stay home) chose Braiding Sweetgrass for its Community One Read in 2022. I should ask one of my colleagues how that turned out.

    Happy 2023!

    1. The Cleary memoirs were surprising to me, as I didn’t expect her life to have so much sadness in it. But maybe that’s why she was able to relate to the emotional lives of children so well.

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