Year-end reflections, and a blog break

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This has been my first year of fully blogging on Entering the Enchanted Castle. It’s been a wonderful new adventure and I want to say thank you for being here and sharing it with me.

Here’s a month-by-month review of some blog highlights:

I’ll be taking a break now until January 6, but in the meantime I’d love to know: what were your favorite moments of 2021? During this difficult time, what brought you comfort and joy?

white and blue floral textile
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31 thoughts on “Year-end reflections, and a blog break

    1. We so need those strong relationships in our lives. Thanks for stopping by, and all the best to you now and in the coming year.

  1. Comfort and joy: getting to share my book of postcard poems with the world, and having both my children home for Christmas this year.
    Happy holidays to you and yours!

  2. Reading and running kept me going this year – I read more than I usually do and I so cherished, for the full year, and a second year, the connections I have around the world and close to home through the book and running blogging communities, and I ran with my lovely local running friends and connected with other runners around the world and felt less alone and kept moving! Happy Holidays to you and have a lovely break!

    1. Movement is so important as well. I’m not a runner but I love hiking and I’m so grateful for the lovely walks we can make from our front door. Happy New Year and all best wishes to you.

    1. I have much to be thankful for this year and I’m looking forward to whatever comes next. Happy New Year to you and yours.

  3. Happy Holidays, Merry Christmas, and I hope you‘ll have a wonderful „away time“ this week.

    Thank you for a year of wonderfully inspiring conversations and for making me revisit a childhood favorite with our buddy read in July!

  4. You had a busy year! Favorite moments for me seeing my daughter perform in marching band and choir this fall, getting to see my brother and my parents after a couple years-

  5. Awww what a wonderful round-up Lory! Well done on everything this year, and fingers crossed for a wonderful 2022 for you!

  6. I think getting away from Boston was the best part of the year – a few hours in New Hampshire in August to film a segment of Antiques Roadshow and then two weeks in France in September – luckily, there was a Covid lull long enough for our twice-postponed trip. Now that it is freezing cold and people around me are getting sick, it is hard to feel joyful but one tries to stay positive.

    1. Your trip to France looked amazing. I am so glad you got to do that. Now we need to get through the winter, hoping for better times ahead.

  7. Sounds like you had a lovely first year of blogging. My year 2021 we started to get back to a sense of normal ..with differences. A little more tension giving more reason to seek comfort and joy through faith.
    Have a lovely week and safe and Happy New Year!

    1. It’s my eighth year of blogging, but I changed blog identities this year, so it feels like a new start. Anyway, it was a very rich year indeed and I’m grateful for all the blogging friends who have stopped by, old and new. Glad you’re getting back to a sense of normal — with differences! We all have to try to get used to that.

  8. Happy holidays! Congrats on your first full year with the new blog. 2021 was a bit of a wreck for me, but I’ve got a new job starting next week for which I’ve moved back to my hometown… so I’m pleased about that.

  9. I’m glad to hear your break won’t be a very long one but enjoy the time off! Two big things stand out for me in 2021. First, we lost two our two beloved cats about nine months apart – they had been with us 17 and 15 years. We just adopted two kittens this month and they are happily turning our house upside down (and doing it so adorably). Second, I began seeing a therapist and researching anxiety, and that’s really changed how I’m thinking about things. Wishing you a very happy 2022!

    1. I’m so glad you’re finding some good therapy – human and feline. 🙂 Hope that things continue to grow and evolve in a good direction. All the best.

      1. Feline therapy is exactly right! These two are so sweet and mischievous at the same time, they have us laughing all day. It certainly makes things look brighter. Best to you and congrats on all you accomplished this year!

  10. Happy New Year Lory. Looks like a really interesting 2021 blogging year. My favourite moments of 2021 was the delightful young ones in our family and the joy they bring.

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